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Personalised New Baby Hamper Oval Hamper

Personalised New Baby Hamper Oval Hamper

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 Perfect gift for a new baby!

Our hampers include;

  • Personalised Bubble Balloon
  • Snuggle Hunny Muslin Wrap
  • Snuggle Hunny Item - eg onesie, sleep swaddle, long onesies, shirt.
  • Snuggle Hunny Bow
  • Soft Toy
  • Teether
  • Oval Bucket Hamper

Can be made in any colour!

Hot Air Balloons  are made up with a 24'' bubble balloon. What makes it different from the Bubble Balloon is that this hot air balloon does not contain helium. It is filled with normal air . It can be filled a day before prior to the event. It can last longer than the Bubble Balloon. Typically 2 days to few weeks, some even longer as from feedback from our customers. However it's also depending on how it's being handled and the surrounding temperature and environment. Again the vinyl stickers on the balloons will start to peel/come off after 2-3 days.


***Oval Bucket Hamper comes in pink or white and subject to availability at the time of order***

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